Wi-Fi Pass

A United Wi-Fi Pass gives you unlimited access to Wi-Fi data while you're roaming internationally. Connect to our 64+ million Hotspots globally through our user-friendly mobile app.

Whether you're overseas for business or a worldwide traveller, the Wi-Fi Pass is the most convenient and worry-free way to access unlimited internet and avoid bill shock when you land back home.

To use the United Wi-Fi pass:

  1. Select the length of your United Wi-Fi Pass below. 
  2. Register (checkout) and download the app. 
  3. Log into the app
  4. If you purchased Wi-Fi as a voucher, claim your pass before you depart.
  5. Wait until your device is activated.
  6. Start surfing! 

 Critical Information Summary

To use the Wi-Fi Pass, download the App

Apple store   google play store