United Networks Affiliate Program

Established in 2009, United Networks is a leading travel connectivity and security specialist with a reputation for innovation in the industry. Find out how you can earn commissions by partnering with United Networks through our simple and easy-to-integrate Affiliate Program.

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Earn 10% commission with a trusted roaming specialist


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Who we are

Established in 2012, United Networks has connected over 500,000 travellers globally, customer satisfaction and value for money are the driving forces behind United Networks. Our partner network includes some of the largest travel insurers, credit cards and online travel operators in the world.

We offer a wide range of global connectivity and security solutions, including:

Some of Our Loyal Partners

Chubb Collinson Columbus
AIG Amex ColesMobile

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What is the United Networks Affiliate Program?

If you have a website, blog, social media or are in the travel industry and would like to partner with United Networks to promote our award-winning travel connectivity solutions, we would be delighted to hear from you.

In return, for every customer you refer to us, you will receive commissions on all purchases from customers you refer.


What Travellers Want?

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95% of Travellers want to stay connected
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85% of travellers want a connectivity solution before departure
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55% purchase a roaming solution before departure
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78% of travellers want to be alerted of incidents

How does it work?

Our Affiliate Program is designed for simplicity and ease.

  1. Link our website to yours using a unique URL provided by United.
  2. All sales will be tracked to your unique URL
  3. Commissions will be paid monthly on all sales made to your referred customers from your unique URL.

We handle all of the following:

  • Customer service & Order fulfilment
  • Ongoing monthly and seasonal promotions
  • Templated marketing tools and landing pages
  • Sales tracking and monthly commission reporting
  • Monthly Affiliate commission payouts

You can choose from a range of linking options, sending customers either to our home page or directly to a specific product and/or promotion.

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What are the benefits?

  1. It won't cost you a penny to become an affiliate.
  2. The integration is simple and effortless. We will provide you with all the links and banners you need to put on your website.
  3. Generate additional revenue from your website traffic, with no limit on traffic volumes.
  4. Receive 10% commission on all sales you generate each month.
  5. You will also benefit from a 365-day recurring cookie. This will ensure that you'll earn a commission when your customers return.

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Why join us?

Affiliates experience exceptional conversion rates when promoting United Networks

  • Award-winning global connectivity at highly competitive rates
  • A diverse range of products, supported by both websites and mobile apps.
  • Opportunities for affiliates to tailor promotions to maximise your commissions.
  • Monthly ongoing bundles and promotions are available
  • We send monthly Affiliate newsletters and offer frequent Webinars

Becoming a United Networks affiliate means you are partnering with one of the leading Travel Connectivity and Security specialists. We are committed to working closely with our partners and providing resources to assist you in the promotion of our brand.

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How do I join?

Simply fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you shortly.